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Robaxin 500 mg for dogs, Robaxin 500 mg for dogs

*Rolls out of bed*
*Brushes teeth, Showers*
*opens closet*
*Pours bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with extra milk*
*Pulls out crispy J Crew oxford, Uniqlo chinos and Club Monaco blazer*
*Laces up Allen Edmonds longwings*
*Sprays Tom Ford Noir cologne*
*Throws together ensemble and walks out the house with a Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West swag*

Does this sound like your morning besides having as much swag as the Ambassador of all things cool, Kanye West? Or maybe you’re a savage and don’t like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Maybe Tom Ford cologne was out of your league and you sprayed Bulgari or something. Who knows? This is actually 98% of most men’s mornings. But there is something fundamentally wrong here. I’ll let you try and figure it out . . .

Ok I know you don’t know, but if you did, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now trying to save you from impending doom. The answer is socks. Some gentlemen don’t pay close enough attention to their inner footwear. Personally it takes me a few minutes even which type of socks I want to wear for the day.

socks image 1


Let’s just start out by saying throw out any white socks you have. Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, whatever, all have to go bye-bye.  White socks are an eye sore and shouldn’t be worn by any one whose ever even been on a date with a woman.

Next, think about your favorite color and patterns. I love red and cable knits. So I went and bought some cable knit red socks. Simple really. I love marled looks as well so I went out and bought a million socks with that color patten.

order robaxin online

Your socks are a secret weapon. They can coordinate with your tie, shirt or stitch detailing on your jacket. My favorite go-to move is to coordinate my socks with my pocket square or tie. Side note fellas: Coordinate does not mean match. Do your googles. You can even get socks in different non-cotton fabrics. I mean, whatcha know about cashmere socks for $200? 100% cashmere, $100 a foot.

robaxin without a script

Listen up. You can go about life and not care about your sock game being on fleek. Means you probably settle for making $11.50 as an Assistant Manager at Lids. But if you’re like me and like getting money and beautiful women swooning after me, you’re going to increase that sock game 100 fold. At the very least think of it as a fun challenge. Find the craziest pair of socks while shopping, buy them, put them on and double cuff. Outfit just gained 356 experience points and you just evolved into Steezizard.  You’re welcome

Until Next Time ,

The Bearded Douche

Robaxin 500 mg for dogs, Robaxin 500 mg for dogs

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