Debonaire DoucheBags was inspired by founder , Mr. Travis K Hill , living in a community filled with men that have unfilled dreams and women with unforgiving responsibilities. The inspiration behind Debonaire DoucheBags was to educate and motivate young men that they too can be suave , classy , empowered, intelligent and look grand while doing so. Debonaire DoucheBags is comprised of a League of Extraordinary Gentleman who charge themselves with the responsibility of staying at the top of their game whether it be health , wealth , nutrition, appearance and being well versed in current events. A real man should be a jack of all trades and master of all.

The purpose of this site is to cover all channels that affect men’s lives on a daily basis including but not exclusive to money management , seasonal looks , music and entertainment , health & fitness and iconic historical events. We hope with all of these awesome ideas that we are willing to share you will continue to follow us as loyal patrons and become Debonaire DoucheBags.