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An established man’s pleasures and indulgences know no real bounds. We take on

anything from jewelry, to cars and so on and so fourth. However, there is one

indulgence that nobody can escape so we embrace it and slap it on our left wrist.

The indulgence is Time.


Few things are more indicative of a man’s character than his watch collection. The

variants truly never end. If you’re a true collector of the fine gears, you’re always

looking for a new and interesting piece to fit in that empty spot you have left in your

collective case. There is a watch for every occasion, maybe one for flotation, or just

plain old female persuasion.


The new boys on the block (who are hardly new) over in Switzerland have

developed a watch to stand out in casual occasions, which is in my opinion the

toughest nail to hit. Art Mécanique, was engineered by two Swiss gentlemen by the

names of Adriano and Frederic. Their latest creation easily reflects the 32 years of

experience between the two of them.

Art Mécanique is raising money and crowd funding for a watch with concentric

circles. The bottom half of the watch is covered and you can tell the time by looking

at the top half.


Because of the interesting spin the watch takes to bring you the time, it is worthy to

note that it was a company by the name of Hologerie Schild in Switzerland who

developed the watch’s unique feature by using their SA movement.

The watch comes with seven different strap colors, three choices for the

customizable plate at the bottom, and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass to

make all the innards come alive. With so many possible modifications, the

possibilities are endless. Were it available at this moment, even the most decisive

watch connoisseur might require a day or two to solidify how he might like his

before purchase. It’s a cool new way to define your position in Einstein’s theory of



The presentation proves magnificent in the way it feels as though it has jumped to

you from the beautiful Geneva coast where it was conceived. An unveiling of the

timepiece would present the watch in its open position from a custom made black

wooden box with the Art Mècanique logo in silver on the front. Inside, the suede

base has a diamond stitching for the grand finale.


If you’re a man of simpler, traditional, and classic pieces, this watch encompasses all

three while incorporating a futuristic twist that is enticing to the eyes of techies and

collectors alike. All of these details come together for an exquisite finish; this watch

is certainly the type of investment that anyone within their means would consider




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