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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner !

Imagine beautiful women dressed in minimal clothing, probably prostitutes blowing on your dice hoping for you to win big. While this is happening multiple bottles of champagne being popped simultaneously, a really jazzy band playing in the background and that one humble guy is spending his last on the slot. My imagination might be a bit strange but the casino has always been an intriguing place for me from the outside looking in. I never understood how people volunteered to just throw their money away. I believe there are a lot of misconceptions and mysteries to the gambling world which is why a lot of people stay far.

There are no real historical reference point to when gambling actually started BUT Master Douche will say that he believes it started in Sodom and Gomorrah because it only makes sense, haha. The first mention of gambling was by Emperor Napoleon and he used to play vingt-et-un, or as we know as Blackjack , that I am pretty good at ! Now that was the real city of sin, and a lot of the sin. I personally would not partake in because I don’t walk that path. The first historical casino was the Casino Di Venezia in Italy, erected in 1638. In fact , casinos were never intended for gambling; the actual definition for casino is a building made for specific pleasures. Casinos were usually used for great galas, plays or sporting events, the gambling was just a plus!
Just in case you didn’t already know, you’re being brainwashed the minute you walk into a casino. There are various mechanisms in place to make you spend money. For example, the slot machines near the entrance of the casino are easiest to win and will go off more frequently than others to build the allusion that you have a chance of winning big , when in fact you never really win that big at the slots. There are usually minimal windows in a casino and the doors are tinted, so you can’t really tell if it is day or night and there are no clocks so you DEFINITELY have no sense of time there. Once you are gambling , the waitress will continue giving you drinks for free, being that you will become inebriated and make less informed decisions and then spend more money.
Because I can only speak from my personal experience, I’ll advise of my safe practices:
1) Leave your wallet in the hotel room
2) Bet closest to the minimum
3) Utilize all free double down and gimmicks
4) Leave the table after you’ve doubled your money
5) Stop playing after you have lost half the cash you have in your pocket
6) Always split the 8,9,10
7) After you win big, tip the deal (good karma) , leave and go walk around , only come back to the table if you are really feeling it !

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