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Debonaire DoucheBags likes to highlight men who exude our mission statement effortlessly with style. This is why we have our spotlight on Craig Da Don who speaks eloquently, dresses fashionably, invests wisely, and aims to conquer.

Not all of us are born with it, so when did you realize you had style?

Probably around the end of my sophomore year of high school I realized the shift in my interest and desire for fashion. I developed a cool creative ability to put outfit together.

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 What would you say inspires your style?

My mood and my environment are huge components that inspire my style. However I feel at that moment determines what kind of outfit I’m going to put together that day. Being from New York, you come across so many fashionable individuals with their own unique style, which is extremely inspiring. Mix that vision with your own personal flavor and interest, and Boom! There you have it!

There are so many fashion designers, who’s your absolute favorite?

Martin Margiela.

We’ve taken a look at your tumblr page and it’s pretty dope, why did you decide to blog ?

Its funny because I actually use to be apart of a menswear fashion group called Avid Courtesy League back in 2010 where we first began blogging. Unfortunately we separated in 2013, but recently a female friend of mine recommended that I start one to showcase my style.

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We’ll definitely be on the lookout for the upcoming website. So in your opinion, who do you believe is the most influential figure in fashion of 2015 thus far?

Definitely Pharrell Williams!

Take us through a day in the life of Craig Da Don.

On a daily, I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve my craft. I begin my mornings by working out, which generate a greater sense of mental well being as well as physical. I spend a vast amount of my time browsing the web, shopping, checking a few of favorite blogs, and gaining inspirations from tumblr, which enhances my creative ability. I also developed a knack for photography, so I’m always out exploring and capturing shots with my DSLR camera. Be sure to lookout for my blog ! coming soon.

Well Spoken, Best Dressed and In Shape, out of those 3 characteristics, which 2 are most important and why?

Well spoken and best dressed I would put as the two tops most important.  The way you dress does not only reflect the way you feel about yourself, it also sends signals to the people around you.  How you speak is a huge factor of the impression you make on others, and therefore your potential influence on them. So they both go hand and hand I must say. You must fit the part and speak it as well!

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Robaxin no prescription - Robaxin online

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