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July 20, 2015
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August 3, 2015
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Fine Wine Series

What do you get when you mix a glass of Beelgara, Badissa, The Wolftrap and beautiful people? The answer: The Fine Wine Series. This event has taken place in DC and Philly and has now travelled to Hipster Capital of the world Brooklyn,NY. Curated by Awesome People of The Fine Wine Series & UFONYC. The Wolves were the host of the afternoon. With an array of wines and a mini brunch menu with great music, there was no way this event wasn’t going to be a success. This wasn’t your ordinary day party. Having young professionals come together to have a good time over a 2 hour open bar made The Fine Wine Series in NYC one to remember. The ladies came sophisticated yet sexy and the men were rocking their finest threads. After watching the recap of Fine Wine, captured by SP1Films, the first question will be so when is the next NYC Fine Wine Series?


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