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Game of Thrones Top 10 Moments of Season 6

If you’re anything like me, and have half a brain, you know that Game of Thrones is hands down the best show on television right now. A few weeks ago, our Sundays were reduced back to a pile of boringness with the extremely epic finale to arguably the best season of the show thus far. This season was packed with twists and turns, rapid plot developments and action packed, beautifully shot and sequenced scenes. There were many epic scenes this season so narrowing them down took a lot of time and rewatching the entire season (which was not the worst thing on Earth) but here is my top 10 scenes from Game of Thrones Season 6


10) The Rebirth of Jon Snow 

Season 5 ended with our beloved Jon Snow bleeding out in the middle of Castle Black after being betrayed by his Night’s Watch brethren. Even though I, like many others, predicted that Melisandre would bring him back, it was still a relief when he took his first* breath of life on that operating table. The above average fan knows this means one thing: Jon Snow, “The Prince That Was Promised” is destined for something great in the upcoming seasons of the show.


9) The Death of the Traitors
Jon Snow fell and Jon Snow rose. And his first act as the first revived Lord Commander in the 8000 year old history of the Night’s Watch was to get his revenge. There were two things I found incredibly amazing were Allistor Thorpe’s final words. One thing about former Lord Commander Thorpe is with him, you know what time it is. You know how he feels about everything and everyone. He speaks his mind, no matter how douchebaggy it comes off. In his final words he made sure to tell Jon Snow that he would have done it all again if he had the chance. “I fought, I lost, and now I rest.” But what was more sinisterly rewarding was the death of little Ollie, who Jon had kind of taken under his wing. Ollie let himself get influenced by the other Night’s Watchmen who disagreed with Jon’s “treasonous acts” and got himself hanged for it. Oh well.

8) Arya killing Walder Frey
*Insert Arya list*
We’ve been hearing this list since about Season 2. Walder Frey wasn’t added until after the fated Red Wedding, and rightfully so.  Probably one of the most vile characters on the show, characteristically and aesthetically, Walder Frey was responsible along with Roose Bolton and
the Lannisters for pretty much putting the nail in the Stark coffin. What was worse was the fact that Arya was practically arm’s reach away from her mother and brother before they were killed. Fast forward, Arya is now a semi-trained assassin with no face (but she does have a name) whose list is not too far from the front of her mind and she’s back. After feeding the Elder Frey his two sons, she tells him who she is, slits his throat and holds his head still with one of the most pleased looks on her face.  I’m sure the joy was widespread.

7) Death of Hodor
Let me preface this by saying a piece of all of us died with Hodor. But this one is complicated, to say the least. It begs two questions to be asked: 1) Was this Bran’d fault? 2) Did Hodor know what was to be his fate the entire time?  Bran takes a trip to an old Winterfell and sees a young, and verbose Hodor. But when the Night’s King and his cronies come and shake up their treehouse, Bran starts to lose his grip. Meera is back in present time yelling to Hodor “Hold the Door” and (I believe) since Bran is connected to Hodor on a mental level through worging, this threw Hodor’s mind through a loop, causing a spasm and his new name subsequently. But did he have visions of the Door during this epileptic episode? Was his love for Bran steeped in the fact he knew this was coming? Who knows.

6) Jon and Sanza’s Reunion

These two characters were actually never filmed on camera together. But it was understood Sanza wasn’t the biggest fan of Jon, taking after her mother. But after all that happened to the Starks, watching Sanza ride in to Castle Black as Jon looked on in amazement was enough to make the toughest viewer tear up. As Jon took up his sword to not only take back his home but to avenge his sister, and actually by default his entire family’s, honor, it was actually Sanza who came through in the clutch with the nights of the Vale to save Jon and his men.

5) Battle of the Bastards

What could be regarded as the best episode of the series, Episode 9 was a visual masterpiece. From the opening of the dragon army burning the slave masters with their fire to the entire action packed battle, this episode was one for the books. The suspense was breathtaking. Just thinking about it gives me chills. The first time I watched it, I gave a standing ovation when it ended. I watched it 3 nights straight. It floored me. What was most impressive about it is that not one second of air time was wasted. Each minute was used to move the plot along. Season 6 episode 9 is one of, if not, the best episode of the series

4) Opening Sequence from the Season Finale

On the subject of fire from dragons, we have the opening sequence of season 6. So many things made this work, starting with the music. The song, The Light of the Seven plays ever so dauntingly in the background as Cercei overlooks the Cept of Baelor. The events play out perfectly building up the suspense as you wonder what the Queen Mother has up her sleeves. It pays off in traditional Game of Thrones fashion with massive unexpected main character deaths and explosions.

3) Khaleesi Dragon Fire


Finally! Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal got to all get together and have a fire party in the name of their mommy, Daenarys Targaryan.  As the slave masters pulled up to the ports of Mereen, Khaleesi was coming back with her Dothraki army in tow, ready to pull the craziest plot twist on the slavers.  The best part of it was the sheer force the dragons exhibited in the heat of battle.  It was magnificent to say the least and makes you wonder, will anyone in Westeros be able to stop Khaleesi’s newly improved formidable army equipped with three fire breathing flying dragons?

2) Jon Hailed as King of the North


I think I’ve watched this episode about 5 times and this scene 8 times.  Jon Snow has been my favorite character since the very beginning.  He reminds me a lot of myself, besides not knowing what sex was until I was 20.  But he exhibits a somewhat of a delicate dichotomy at times.  He is a fierce fighter and can motivate those around him, but at the same time, is often timid and unsure of himself.  In this season and in this episode in particular we see how his decisions panned out, finally for the best.  He regained his home, received apologies and fealty from his fellow Northern houses as well as the first grin of her 8 year life, from Liyanna Mormont.  Hearing them chant “The King in the North” in unison even now makes me feel extremely happy.  Finally the North is [somewhat] right again.

1 – The Death of Ramsay Bolton


The moment we were all waiting for.  Ramsay was possibly the most hated character in the entire show. His nature was dubious, his character was callous and his actions were ruthless.  He was so bad that we even empathized with Theon for what he did to him.  He killed his own father, his step mother and new half brother just to be King of the North.  So when Jon pounced on him and beat him to a pulp we were dying for him to continue going until Ramsay was a pile of teeth in the ground. But his end at the hands of the one who deserved to be executioner the most made it 100x better.  I wonder if they put the dogs down after it was done like they did Grey Wind and Winter.

– Bearded Douche

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