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Well mannered gentlemen with proper witty chatter and knowledge of a vast number of secular topics still have a fun side. Debonaire DoucheBags maybe bourgeois but we are not snobs , we definitely know how to have a good time. Our good times usually have one of our greatest guilty pleasures involved ” The Trap”

There’s no question that in recent years, the shift of power in hip-hop has drastically moved from the east coast to down south- more specifically, Atlanta. When Outkast officially kicked down the doors in the early 90s when, New York rappers reigned supreme, it was only matter of time before the more southern rappers followed suit. Despite the emergence of trap music, these rappers are still forces to be reckoned with.

Trap music is like a guilty pleasure. With its catchy and drug-related lyrics, 808 sub-bass kick drums, layered synthesizers and classical movie-like sounding strings, it’s hard not to enjoy.
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From the forefathers: T.I., Young Jeezy & Gucci Mane to the trapstars of today: Future, 2 Chainz, Migos, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan & others, trap music has almost the majority of influence on the rap game it’s been sounding in recent years. It has profoundly become a highly common aspect in the sound of  as many established artists in the game have notably incorporated it’s sound (& rap flows) to their music. It’s popularity has even expanded in its own sub-genre as we watched the rise of the Chicago Drill music scene in 2012 which brought us Chief Keef, King L, Lil’ Durk & famed producer Young Chop. Trap has also gone farther into genres past hip-hop including EDM. There’s nothing really substantial about trap music and the lyrical content is more simpler than your regular spitter. “Real hip-hop” fans would less likely have the enthusiasm to listen or even give it a chance. But if you love music, you understand the product for what it is and enjoy the “rachtetivities” regardless. Trap has made its presence known as a solidified prolific sound in hip-hop and theirs no signs of it slowing down either.
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Nowadays, trap music isn’t what it used to be. It has transcended hip hop and morphed into a genre widely adopted by EDM artists. There’s nothing  substantial about trap music and the lyrics are very basic.  Most rap purists actually condemn this sub-genre because it offers no authentic lyrics. “Real hip-hop” fans prefer to listen to rappers who are actually saying something.But, part of rap’s beauty is that it is multilateral. Despite how “dumbed down” the lyrics may be, trap music is fun and exciting! There’s a time a place for everything and when it comes to turning up in the club, trap does the job!

IJ of Cashmere Thoughts

Robaxin online canada - Robaxin get you high

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