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Can robaxin get you high - Robaxin uk

DDB got the chance to talk with the creator of order robaxin online and asked her some questions about how everything came about.
The name of your blog is very dope, what inspired you to take an interest into menswear?
-Thanks so much. Well, my interest in menswear started in a pretty cliché place–in my father’s closet. As a kid, I believe 10 or 11 years old, my dad, who works on Wall Street, would let me have input on the tie he wore to work. It was a small gesture but it was enough to spark my growing interest in menswear.
Have you always taken a liking to menswear or this is fairly recent ?

-It’s not a new interest but I’m always learning something new so sometimes it feels like it is.

What inspires your style ?
-My style is constantly evolving. Although I like menswear and I sometimes incorporate it in my own wardrobe, I’m still a girly girl. I like skirts and dresses just as much as a well-tailored single button blazer. I pull inspiration from everywhere. I’ll literally see a random cartoon illustration and it’ll inspire my color combination for the next day. Inspiration is omnipresent so I’m almost always inspired by something.
Styling both men and women can be a difficult task, who would you do a better job on?
-Ha! Good question. I feel I can style the hell out of myself but I don’t have that same desire when it comes to styling other women. Women are so particular about–everything. I can do it. But I rather not–at least not right now. With that said, I’ve put in more work with styling men so that’s who I would do a better job on.
Let’s take a walk in your shoes for a week, describe what happens in that week?
-No two days are the same but if I’m not thinking of a master plan on how to rule the world, one suit at a time, I frequent the fabric district perusing through fabric, looking through possible dinner jacket swatches to show my boss. I’m currently teaching myself photography, that way, I’ll eventually creative direct and shoot my own menswear photo shoots for my blog. I read menswear blogs. I study the color wheel, yes the color wheel, because it helps me with color combinations. I network with other people in this field. I write. I learn. I grow. Although I haven’t blogged in over a year, I still try to strengthen my knowledge in related areas. that way–when I do go back, I’m better than ever.
Who do you believe is the most influential figure in fashion in 2015?
-Anyone who is not afraid to be themselves authentically and unapologetically in 2015 has the ability to be an influence in fashion.
Well Spoken , Best Dressed and In Shape , out of those 3 characteristics , which 2 are most important and why ?

-Tough question. Speaking well is and will always be important to me. It’s impressive to be verbally expressive, in my opinion. Which is probably why I used to read the dictionary, at leisure, growing up. Having a strong grasp of the English language is sexy.



Dressing well is also important though. Most times, Before someone has the opportunity to hear you speak–they’re assessing you by your appearance.
Lastly, from experience, it’s harder to be well dressed–and feel like you’re well dressed. when you’re out of shape. Looking good in clothes is one thing but looking good without it is another. I believe all three are important. But if I absolutely had to choose two, I guess I’d say speaking well and being in shape because knowledge is power and health is wealth– lol, that was corny.

Can robaxin get you high - Robaxin uk

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