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Did Apple Do It Again?


Apple opened up yesterday with their timely fall deliverance of the new iPhone. The latest

device has some real surprises inside. However, despite the mixed uproars from Twitter and other

social media platforms, only time will tell if these changes are truly good or bad. Of course you’re

still going to get my opinion right here, so let’s get into it.


For a long time, members of the blue bubble gang have been privy to Apple’s new movements

so things should not really come as a surprise this time around. It’s clear to see that Apple is

heavily motivated by creating a sense of exclusivity to the consumer. Essentially all other phones­

­dare I say devices, use a micro usb port for charging and wire transmission for data and what

not, in contrast the iPhone has its own 8 Pin lighting cable. While it drives us mad and breaks at

the neck like its doing the dutty wine, we still buy and continue to buy it. So what did Apple take

from us this time? The coveted Aux port. They killed it. It’s gone, and based on previous moves

made by Apple it’s not coming back. You won’t have to do much adjusting however, unlike the

removal of the Ethernet port from the Macbook in 2014, Apple has elected to provide you with the

adapter this time (Lighting port ­> Auxillary) to keep stable your “vibing in the whip” needs. With

that being said, let’s clear up a few misconceptions created by some consumers. No, you do not

need to by a car that has bluetooth in it just to survive your morning commute. And no, you also

do not have to buy $159 dollar wireless AirPods just to listen to music from your phone guys.


The AirPods are an optional buy for the consumer like all other expensive, sleek and inessential

Apple accessories. What might make you look into these headphones however, is the fact that

you can’t play music and charge your phone at the same­­if electing to use the lighting to aux

adapter. Without question this may come as a real annoyance for drivers and, I guess, people

who charge there phone while walking? It might be a bit of a vibe killer but if you charge your

phone before you leave the house, I can imagine you’ll manage. Now, what’s really great about

these easy to lose headphones is the new pairing method Apple has come up with for them. Make

no mistake, it is still the same bluetooth selection method but the kick is, once connected the

headphones will in turn connect to all other Apple devices on your iCloud account which is pretty

neat­o for those who have a Macbook or Apple TV etc..


Now that we’ve cleared up that misconception we can move on to the more (or less) exciting

parts of the new iPhone. The size of the phone will be exactly the same in both the 7 and 7 plus

iPhone models. Not much is different in regards to the new cameras on the phones, however, the

resolution on the 7’s FaceTime front camera has increased by a whole two megapixels and will

come with 1080p as opposed to the 720p that we have now. As a result, your selfies will be a little

bit better or worse (I suppose that really depends on your face). Even I can admit that Apple is a

little late to the party when it comes to making the iPhone water resistant, but as always, they

show up best dressed, adding also a dust resistant feature. This is more so for the purpose of

competing with the durability that comes with some Samsung and other Android phones, which

are the favored smartphone for those with more hands­on and labor intensive occupations. Before

we continue, let me make an important clarification between waterproof and water resistant.

While, it should be self­explanatory once you say the words out loud, you wouldn’t believe some

people out there. Waterproof: no damage under water (like one of those awesome Rolex diving

watches that can also act as a floatation device in an emergency) . Now, water resistant is a

different thing. When they say the phone is water resistant what they mean is that this new phone

can be accidentally dropped in the sink or toilet, taken along in the shower with you to jam out,

and even used to send that “IM OUTSIDE” text in the pouring rain. What you cannot do however,

ladies and gentlemen, is take pictures under water, go diving with it, or be safely pushed in the

pool by your friends on a hot day. The device can be submerged in about one meter of water (3.3

feet) and still be functional in that condition for up to an hour. Please heed this warning as Apple

still does not cover water damage on their phones and will throw the book at you if you bring up

water resistance and confuse it for something that it isn’t.


All in all, we shouldn’t expect much of anything new or too crazy in the performance of the new

phone. Apple tends to evolve their phones with a slower and more natural succession in

comparison to the abrupt evolutionary stones (and mess ups) of certain green bubbled

competitors we know. I think what some people are possibly failing to realize is that an iPhone is

not really even made with the same consumer in mind as that considered in the release of a new

Galaxy or Android phone. Those phones are built for tech enthusiasts and provide infinitely more

developmental freedom than a stock iPhone ever could. These are just a few points to keep in

mind during the next great phone War to assure you are properly armed to shut a hater down.

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