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It is 1995, millions of African-Americans, Latinos and a hint of Caucasians are congregating in the national mall dressed in their Dashikis, leather pants and afros. The Black Panthers, Nation Of Islam and Pan African Enthusiasts are present and waiting for Dr. Louis Farrakhan to speak. Indulge in this nostalgic scene; now fast forward to 2015 down in Washington D.C. This same aura was present as the people eagerly waited for this prolific speaker to share his thoughts and views on what’s been going on in America today, with his witty rhetoric and sarcastic humor.

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I may have gotten to the middle of his speech, but the first thing I heard was Louis asking himself in the third person “How can you be so bold?” He replied and told us that he was free and had a close relationship with God from an early age. Farrakhan applauded the young people for being present and being so engaged and resourceful in this cause. He urged people to stand up and to not fear “the man” or the powers that are in government offices.  He also called out the African-Americans/people of color who do have positions of power and do not push our agenda along.”All corruption is the enemy of change” and the men that push our agenda and forsake the riches and vanity to make sure the message is heard, those men are to be praised (MLK and Malcolm X ). Because they remained within their humble means and did not sell out.


“Demand for justice is built on integrity” – Farrakhan , Louis , 10.10.15

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The highest point of Brother Farrakhan’s speech was his prayer for all the women in the congregation that were pregnant. He said, “these youth are fighting for a change so that these seeds that you are nurturing in your wombs have a chance.” He did not want women aborting their children; no one knows what special purpose they are sent here to serve. He continued on to say your child may be the next Jesus. So he asked that women find other means for their children if they do not feel fit to raise them rather than aborting and flushing these fetus away.

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If you were not moved by his prayer, Dr. Farrakhan went to share a very touching and personal story to the masses. He told us that his mother tried to abort him three times with use of an iron hanger because she was not comfortable with the conditions of her pregnancy because her companion and herself were dark-skin and her child may come out light-skin. He never specified if this was because of rape or adultery but the fact that he was willing to share that emotional embryonic moment was genuine.


“Women are the natural protectors of what their womb produces”- Farrakhan , Louis , 10.10.15

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For the majority, I agree with most of Farrakhan’s views. The message was powerful, but there came a point where it became very confusing. Reference back to Farrakhan’s statement of, “your child may be the next Jesus”, I’m sure many Christians and other believers in Christ, may find this statement offensive, outrageous and a contradiction to Farrakhan’s own religious beliefs, whatever they may be. During the speech, he made several references to scriptures from the Quran, as well as scriptures from the Bible. The way he spoke of religion was very ambiguous. I often time did not feel included in the demographic of his speech. I felt as though he was solely speaking to the members of the nation of Islam, which caused me to question the purpose of his message. Being that Dr.Farrakhan is a known member of the Nation Of Islam, why quote biblical scripture? These are all questions that plagued my mind with throughout the speech.


Overall the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March was enticing, exciting and exemplary of the power of the tongue. I’m glad I was able to be apart of history. I can’t wait to share this with my children and tell them how important these times are in retrospect.

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