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5 Ways To Stay Motivated

They say getting started is the hardest part, when in reality it’s the consistency that can be a challenge. Maybe it’s because often times our workout regime can be interrupted by traveling, working, attending school and maintaining a social life. Or maybe you lack motivation because you don’t recognize any incentives to working out? Or could it be that going to the gym can seem repetitive and get boring after a while? If you recognize any of these traits within yourself, see which of these 5 suggestions you should try to stay motivated.

Set Goals

Setting fitness goals is the best way to stay motivated and gives you purpose for working out. Rather than setting weight goals, set a goal that will exhibit a change in your physical body. An example would be “I want to run 3 miles in 30 minutes” or “I want to be able to do a pull up” that way when you reach that goal you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have the willpower to remain consistent.

Make a Weekly Commitment

Since consistency is the challenge, overcome that by challenging yourself and committing yourself to 1 workout per week. So whether you want to attend cycling every week on Saturday morning or do 30 push-ups every evening before bed, commit to something you can accomplish weekly then build up from there.

Immerse Yourself in Fitness

Surround yourself with things that can be motivating. Try following health and fitness accounts and blogs on social media. Often times fitness trainers will even post daily workouts you can incorporate into your daily routine. Following these accounts could also serve as a reminder to workout.

Additionally, you can treat yourself to new workout gear to help boost your ego. There is something satisfying about wearing new clothes, and having comfortable clothes and shoes that you can feel confident in is a great incentive to having a great workout.

Find a buddy

Working out with friends and family can help boost moral when working out. When having a work out buddy you can hold each other accountable for completing workouts and keeping each other motivated. Having someone with you can also make working out fun because you’re working with someone you enjoy being with and supports you and your fitness journey.

Join a Group Fitness Class

There are many options when it comes to group fitness. Many gyms offer daily group fitness classes with membership. So if you already have a gym membership you can experiment with the classes offered at the gym you already attend.

Groupon’s Health & Fitness section offers a variety of deals and packages for many different types of workouts such as Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Yoga, CrossFit, etc. So if you’re looking for some alternatives use Groupon to see what sort of options are offered in your city.

Nike offers the Nike Training Club (NTC) in major cites across the country. These classes are hosted at Nike stores by Nike Certified Trainers. The classes are free and only require you to reserve your spot online. In addition to NTC, you can join the Nike Run Club, which is also free with registration online.

There are many adult sport leagues & teams hosted by private organizations and recreational centers. Joining a sport is great if you’re looking for something to commit to that will help you remain consistent with working out because you’d be following the schedule set by the team for practices and games. It’s also a fun alternative to working out in the gym, it gives you the chance to socialize and meet new people, plus, indulging in a little friendly competition can be motivating.

Take the time to consider these options. Feel inspired and stay motived. Life is what you make it.

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  1. DJ says:

    Yes, this is so true! My fitness journey over the past 3 or so years has been full of ups and downs. I think what helped me get into a better rhythm of consistency is like you suggested following fitness related Instagrammers. So everyday I scroll through my feed and that’s all I see. It helps you become more focused, is a constant reminder of what my goals are, and has help me gain great tips on what exercises I should be doing and eating.

    Great Post!

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