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July 3, 2014
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Wassup DoucheBags! Being that smoking cigars has become a personal vice of mine when I am on vacation, I feel like I should shed some light on this because it has been troubling me for quite some time now.

Every time I go on Instagram, I always see somebody talking bout they smoking a Cuban cigar. It’s only upsetting because I personally put some time in and really looked into this cigar life. There are really levels to this sh*t. My thing is that folks go to the cigar shop, pick any old cigar, smoke it and say they are certified cigar smokers. THEN have the nerve to make some elaborate quote aiming to resemble the Dos Equis man. It is all so entertaining but we are not in the business of comedy but rather we are here to educate.

First of all, Cigars are comprised of 3 pieces
– Wrapper: usually the lower large leaves of the tobacco plant that wraps the whole cigar.
– Filler: usually the best part of the tobacco plant that gives the cigar its potency.
– Binder: the same leaves as the wrapper but used to hold the filler to the wrapper, kind of like the glue that keeps everything together.
Types of Cigars

Types Of Cigars

Reality of the situation is that because of the Cuban Embargo, it is actually ILLEGAL to import any type of Cuban goods into the USA, much less Cuban cigars. SO PLEASE STOP LETTING THE VENDORS IN SOUTH BEACH FOOL YOU! You would think US Government would let it go by now, I mean it’s been 52 years. Nope, the penalties are still severe: half of million in fines, and jail time. Not to mention street price for 1 Cuban cigar is about 500$. Pretty much a Cuban cigar is like a 8 ball of cocaine, haha.
I bet you guys did not know that it is also illegal and frowned upon for US tourists in other countries to purchase Cubans. You could take your chances, as long as you change your accent, leave your passport at home and wear some shades, I’m pretty sure you’ll be just fine. So before you start smoking ”Cubans”, please do your due diligence and stop getting on Instagram straight flexing.

Trav’s Favorite Cigars

– Romeo Y Julieta

– Bahama Mamas Caliente Natural Corona Honey

– Moontrance

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