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Spotlight on Petrichor NYC

Petrichor means a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. On the Petrichor NYC website, the designers tell us why they named their company that. “It will be very hard for you to go out into this world and find a human being who does not agree that the scent of Petrichor is not pleasant. Many people may despise rain, but EVERYONE loves that smell. In an instance that’s exactly how i want my art portrayed. Everyone will respect my art & love my art, but it will not be worn by everyone.”  Master Douche got the chance to sit down with these designers to learn a little more about them and the company.
Watching the company grow from the first t-shirt and jeans designs, you all have really been working , I feel like when everyone was going right with their ideas, you guys went left. What inspired the Petrichor Line ?
Frank: Well the main inspiration for Petrichor is from my brother Kwasi who passed away a few years ago from Luekemia. Kwasi and I were suppose me to begin a line just weeks before he was diagnosed and began treatment. With Petrichor, I’m living out our dream that we had. It still difficult to deal with his absence even till this day. I actually was introduced to AV through Kwasi. We have a “left brain-right brain” relationship creatively because I am more of an artsy creative & AV a lifestyle creative who keeps me level-headed. Of course we argue but we always find that creative middle ground & agree on whats best for the brand. 
Being that your hats are such a big deal in NYC and are being featured in promotions for major corporations , how do you drive the attention back to the rest of your designs before they get lost in the background? 
Frank: That’s a great way to start the question haha. But the other designs aren’t really “falling into the background”. The hats play an essential role of introducing the world to the quality & creativeness we strive to produce. Our hats are constructed of genuine suede & leather on the under-bill but they retail at a pricepoint that a customer will see it as a steal for what their actually getting. We aim to produce at a level of creative aesthetic that’s affordable & allows room for growth. 
I need to know, whose idea was it for the hats?  
AV: The hat came about from rethinking snapbacks. It started with just one sample that i made that gave me a mature impression because of the suede texture & appeal of the gold hardware. Only hats that are really noticeable in fashion are Don C’s & Wide Brim hats. The hat was a result of seeing that middle ground. 
Who are y’all favorite designers ?
Frank: My favorite designer for the past few years has been Raf Simons, the designs that come from his brand are so fresh & like nothing I see from other brands.
AV: I’m fan of Ralph Lauren not specifically for his clothes but for the wide range of brands that he offers. From RLX to Purple Label to Denim & Supply, you notice a clear distinction of ideas. His use of prints, textures & cuts is in a class of its own.
What do you think is the next step for fashion ?
Frank: Well post apocalyptic walking dead style is slowly taking over but with Petrichor we will continue to be different and not conform to majority views on fashion.
What is the next step for Petrichor NYC ?
AV: Autumn/Winter 2015 is about 95% complete. We are working on that preparation & release, so all we can say is be patient & “just wait on it.”
In 2015 , who do you believe is the most influencial figure in fashion ?
Frank: As most people do not want to admit, Kanye has a HUGE influence on fashion. Not really a person but V files is full of dope up & coming brands that are changing the game. Also he’s not that known but Fear of God LA creator Jerry Lorenzo influences alot of today’s popular aesthetics. 
AV: Kanye West & Ian Conner by far, they both express good taste at times & individualism with their fashion choices. They basically map out whatever “cool” trends people need to be on. 

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