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What did you take away from this month’s issue of GQ? If you’re like me, you barely learned anything new and felt like you can only dress well if you have money to blow.  Like many men’s lifestyle publications, GQ has slightly disconnected with its readers. Men everywhere cringe at dropping $20 for the annual subscription but continue to do it because they’re eager to stay in the loop about rising trends.

It would be be all the more helpful for these magazines to consider us average Joes who faithfully read every month. It’s important to highlight the season’s trends from every price point to make the reading experience more inclusive. Here at DDB, we know what you need to make Monday-Sunday that much more bearable. Yes, you need that new linen suit, matching belt and briefcase, but this is a tribute to the moments when you just want to kick back and do hood rat things with your friends.

robaxin online canada

We’ve come up with our own list of the season’s must haves for everyday men just like you.
1) A bottle of Whiskey/Scotch: Let’s just get this out the way. Us 20 something’s have a lot to prove. And every day we work like it. Coming home to an edge taker-offer (copyrighted just now) is an amazing feeling. Vodka can lead to messy situations and tequila will have you leaving Drake-esque voicemails in your ex’s mailbox. Whiskey is much smoother and can help you unwind without leading you to do anything crazy. Maker’s Mark or Gentleman Jack Daniels is what we suggest.

no perscription generic robaxin

2) Sweatsuit: I know I know. Sweat is in. So you don’t want to seem like some hype beast, but grow up. There’s nothing better than waking up on errand day and throwing on a heather gray sweatsuit and taking on the world in comfort. Who are you trying to impress on your way to the barbershop? Do you have to be in a suit at the local supermarket? Tell GQ to pipe down. Get those fly knit free trainers from Nike and just do those errands.
3) Workman boots: These are possibly the most versatile shoes out there. Good with jeans chinos or even under a suit pant. The function and appeal is never ending. Grenson, Florsheim and Allen Edmonds offer great long lasting pieces. I was recently at an event and had on some great Ralph Lauren work boots. Guess who has two thumbs and left with four numbers? This guy *points to self with aforementioned thumbs* These boots below are masteredly design from our good friends over at . They make stylish and durable boots !

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4) Artwork: Don’t listen to Jay Z and deck your little one bedroom studio out in Basquiats and what not. Go to Soho and support the local guys just painting their lives away. When people come by, it will be a definite conversation starter and adds a very comforting and homey feeling to your place. It’s just very relaxing to get lost in art, especially if you find value and meaning in it.
The point is to live your life the best way you know how and not according to what GQ tells you. Be comfortable within your means and remember there’s nothing wrong with being just a regular guy. Carry yourself with your own unique style and swag because no magazine can teach you how to do that.

– Bearded Douche


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