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March 13, 2015
Practice Makes Perfect !
May 28, 2015
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Every friday most men go into their barbershop and sit down for hours. You parlay for hours in hopes to get the most amazing cut & line up to bring your once gritty face from the stress of your 5 days of work and restore it to your carefree , ready to speak to beautiful women for the next 72 hours, face. Which is why when our barber messes up our hairline, we are so pissed! Or when your barber runs into you after not seeing you for awhile and you have a fresh line up that he can’t seem to recall doing. One of those weird situations like when Q looked at Bishop in the elevator frightened for his life because he knew Bishop wanted to kill him ! In my opinion your tailor is just as important as your barber.  My question to you gentlemen out there is this  . . . if you are so infatuated with your face , why not take pride in how your clothes fit you ?! If you have fresh haircut and a suit that does not fit , you’ve defeated the purpose ! Because we have the education , we decided to share this video with you.

I would like to mention these awesome gentlemen that are doing awesome things. The gents over at Suit Dreams are educating young men on style , grooming and professionalism. We support any facet or platform that is spreading the knowledge. Every young gentlemen that is apart of their mentorship program receives a tailored suit upon graduation ! Now that is really dope ! Check out when you get a chance.

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