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Methocarbamol robaxin 500 mg canadian, Buy robaxin online

Everyone is vain. If you can not walk pass a mirror and not look at yourself , you are vain. If you get your haircut every week , you are vain. If you wear tight shirts just so your muscles can be shown , you are vain. But , WHO CARES ! Who is going to care about your look , if you don’t care about your look ? Most men who care about their appearance are dancing on the thin line between self admiration & self obsession: Pure Arrogance & Confidence !



If you men are like me , then I know you take your self presentation very seriously. Never forget these steps as you prepare to get dressed.

1.) When washing your face , make sure you use hot water to open up your pores and use whatever facial scrub you may use to clean your pores. THEN it is very important that you use cold water to close your pores. With the level of Debris floating around , you want to avoid all these particles getting into your pores especially if you have skin that is easily susceptible to rashes and puss bumps.

2.) The art of ironing your shirt maybe lost , but I still do it. Make sure the seams on your sleeves are always crisp, your collar is always properly pressed & starched and the chest of your shirt is wrinkle free. If the fabric allows , pocket squares should be ironed as well.

3.) Clean shoes are KEY ! When cleaning your shoes , take the laces out  . . . don’t take short cuts! Wet a rag with hot water and scrub the surface. Then, dry the surface after you have got all the dirt of the surface of your shoes. Afterwards, take the polish and really paint your polish onto your shoes. Lastly, take the same brush and with fast and quick strokes shine the shoes.

4.) Women are always preaching consistency right , so gents , I urge you to be consistent with your scents. If you are going to use cologne make sure the scent on your shirt matches the scent on your blazer and the scent on your coat.

5.) If wearing a trench coat , make sure your lapels are flipped upward.

– TKH , Master Douche

 Stay Tuned For Part II 


Film/Editing/Directing : Sebastian Prudent of SP1 Films

Producing – Travis K. Hill

Starring – Michael Wade

Methocarbamol robaxin 500 mg canadian, Buy robaxin online

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