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Watch Your Weight While Getting Wasted


The world is so focused on watching our weight but what people tend to forget is that we can exercise, eat healthy, and still pack on the pounds due to the fact that we enjoy having a martini or a cosmopolitan every weekend. Alcohol has empty calories and we don’t even realize it because we think of it as liquid, like water. Well, sorry to inform you but its not. According to Calwineries, a Long Island Iced Tea and a Margarita has more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac.

  • 10 oz Margarita = 550 calories
  • 10 oz. Long Island Iced Tea = 543 calories
  • 12 oz. Pina Colada = 586 calories

Remember, the larger the glass, the more alcohol which in turn equals more calories. So something simple as having half of your drink can decrease your calorie consumption.


Having alcohol on the rocks is also the better alternative versus drinking those mixed drinks. Instead of a margarita, you can have tequila on the rocks with club soda and you have a 100 calorie drink. Instead of a Long Island Iced Tea, opt for a rum and diet coke if you can’t bear the taste of just rum alone. If you need flavor in your drink but you’re watching your weight, infused flavored vodka will do the trick. Glamour has a list of the 10 Best Low-Calorie Cocktails and Cosmopolitan gives you a list with recipes of low-calorie cocktails. According to WebMD, here’s a couple of the low fat mixers for those who absolutely cannot take the taste of liquor on the rocks:

  • Diet soda
  • Orange juice
  • Lemon or Lime juice
  • Cranberry juice cocktail
  • Club soda
  • Seltzer Water

So when you’re getting ready to the happy hour, have a game plan. Get ready to have a few less drinks than you normally would and if you have a drink, have it on the rocks. If you want a flavored drink, opt for a mix with club soda or seltzer water.

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